About Robert


Multiinstrumentalist Robert is an experienced solo artist who lives in the Netherlands. He performed almost in every venue in Holland and Europe.

Robert sings and plays guitar during his gigs. the repertoire is a combination of quiet walk-in music and well known hit songs. For example from artists llike David Bowie,  Chic, Wild Cherry, Ed Sheeran, Leonard Cohen, George Michael, Coldplay, Prince, Lady Gaga, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc..

A few years ago it was necessary to perform with a whole band but in 2019 it’s possible to get the sound of a full band from just one artist. The sound of this oneman band is awesome and there are little other artist better in solo performances than Robert.

How does it work?

Robert records tracks in his own studio and he plays all the instrument by himself including the drumtracks. These tracks are from a very high quality and while Robert plays guitar during his gigs it looks and sounds almost like a whole live band. And to be honest, it is a live band but than a live band with one band member

Don’t make a mistake to think that Roberts way of performing sounds almost the same as a performer with a midi track keyboard because that’s not true. There is really no comparison between Robert and a keyboard artist.

Roberts equipment is small but very good, he does not need long times to build up but just 15 minutes is enough. Robert doesn’t need to much space to perform so there is much space left for the audience.

Do you want Robert to perfom solo or Duo? It’s possible to book Robert together with bassplayer Angie Young or Roy Romijn on piano.

Do you want Robert to play with a acoustic guitar instead of an electric? No problem….

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